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  1. Bryan C. (verified owner)

    Amazing tune. Truly recommend if you have a Lexus. Makes the car a lot more fun

    Lexus IS250/GS250 Performance TuneLexus IS250/GS250 Performance Tune

  2. JT T. (verified owner)

    Love the tune!! Nice pops and bang and I could feel the power! Definitely faster then a stock is350. Customer support was on point! Loved it and everything they did to my car! I would recommend this tune!

    Lexus RC300/IS300/NX300/GS300 Performance TuneLexus RC300/IS300/NX300/GS300 Performance Tune

  3. Joseph Price (verified owner)

  4. Harold Koh (verified owner)

    After watching endless videos of other 2IS owners on youtube install this tune on their 350/250s I was in love with the burbles and pops they had from it.
    I ordered the tune with the PG3 just incase I wanted to switch back to the stock map or possibly get the flame option in the future the first tune I got didn’t give me the same result as most, there was no popping/burble however the performance aspect was there and it fixed my 02 codes.
    I contacted M force and they agreed to fine tune the vehicle to ensure I was happy. Carson from M-Force was very helpful during the process!
    Anyways the 2nd map I received was absolutely RIDICULOUS! my Is350 (2GR)
    SOUNDS LIKE A RACE CAR with just a muffler delete and primary decat, POPS SOUND INSANE WHEN DOWN SHIFTING and feathering throttle @ 3300-7000k.
    Performance wise the power band is definitely much more linear and predictable, life without a speed governor is a life of freedom. People always tell me Ive never seen such a sporty Lexus. This tune will transform the “old mans Lexus”
    Into another animal.

    Lexus IS 350/RC 350/GS 350 Performance TuneLexus IS 350/RC 350/GS 350 Performance Tune

  5. gio galicia (verified owner)

    i have a lexus is250 2006 for those of you wondering if the tune is worth it, it’s 100% worth it if you want to pop go with mforce!

    Lexus IS250/GS250 Performance TuneLexus IS250/GS250 Performance Tune