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Lexus IS250/GS250 Performance Tune

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M-Force has been always providing one-to-one custom tune, according to vehicle condition we provide the best solution to your car with our professional experiences. The tune increases horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally driving experience, furthermore, we offer some optional cool features like pop&bang and flame option. Using Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus modes offers varying levels of output while retaining all of the unique characteristics present in each mode. The tune can be easily installed thru OBD-II port, for customer who needs remote tune can do it at home, we will have assistant help you to install it step by step.

For customer outside of Toronto/ Remote tune

You can choose the following ways to install the tune.


Personal Handheld Tool – Powergate 3+

Personal OBD Handheld Device for flashing directly to the vehicle’s ECU. It is now possible to store the original file and up to modified file inside the tool, so you can switch maps whenever you need to, for only $199.

Includes portable and touchscreen Personal OBD Programmer, one OBD cable and one micro USB cable.

Powergate 3+ Personal Handheld Tool

Tuning Kit Deposit

After you placed an order on our website, we will collect $300(extra) deposit before we ship the tuning kit to you. After you return the tuning kit, the $300 deposit will be refunded to you. Unfortunately we have no choice but raising up the deposit for speeding up the return process, thank you for your understanding.

**Expected wait time about 3-4 weeks**

Tuning Kit Deposit | M-Force

  • Performance gain – more horsepower and torque throughout the whole rpm band
  • Acceleration – Accelerate faster and linear by performance gain

  • Raise Rev Limiter(if possible) – Increased rev limiter
  • Raise Speed Limiter(if possible) – Increased the maximum speed limiter.
  • POP&BANG(if possible) 
  • O2 OFF(if possible) – Removal of the O2 sensor functions
  • DTC OFF(if possible) – Removal of DTCs
  • 1 Fine Tuning (i.e adjusting the tune like adding or remove features later)
  • 1 Flash back to Stock (Stock Tune)
  • Performance gain – more horsepower and torque throughout the whole rpm band
  • Acceleration – Accelerate faster and linear by performance gain

  • Raise Rev Limiter(if possible) – Increased rev limiter
  • Raise Speed Limiter(if possible) – Increased the maximum speed limiter.
  • POP&BANG(if possible) 
  • O2 OFF(if possible) – Removal of the O2 sensor functions
  • DTC OFF(if possible) – Removal of DTCs

Dyno and Tuning

With dynos being so common these days, we insist develop our tune over dyno and road test. Dyno provide accurate feedback on any tuning changes made, especially the Dynapack hub dyno, it allows the sensitivity to be greatly improved over traditional dynos, and it can be reliably measure minute differences, many world class OEM manufacturers use it to develop their products as well. Tuning on dyno is fast and safe, allow us to concentrate solely on tuning the engine. After we tune on a dyno, now we move to the road test, as it can provide exceptional results in many circumstances, and the car is in exactly the same conditions it will be used in, road tuning is dangerous and requires some complexities and compromises involved with this tuning technique.

Dyno-Type: At the CrankPOWER(PS)TORQUE(Nm)
Stock As Reported by Manufacture204252
Stock As Measured by M-Force177240

*Actual gain may vary by vehicle’s condition, modification, and circumstance.

Model & Mods

2010 Lexus IS250C

Modification: Stock

Engine Spec

Engine number: 4GR-FSECylinder content: 2500 CC
Compression ratio 12.00 : 1Bore X stroke: 83,0 X 77,0 mm


Terms Of Service

26 reviews for Lexus IS250/GS250 Performance Tune

  1. andrew.gonzalez (verified owner)

    Great tune sounds great and the staff is very helpful, Carson was especially helpful in making sure everything went smooth and perfect 10/10

  2. Jack Sida (verified owner)

    Great tune having lots of fun with my car and great customer service 10/10

  3. Bryan C. (verified owner)

    Amazing tune. Truly recommend if you have a Lexus. Makes the car a lot more fun

  4. gio galicia (verified owner)

    i have a lexus is250 2006 for those of you wondering if the tune is worth it, it’s 100% worth it if you want to pop go with mforce!

  5. Claude N. (verified owner)

    I got my tune so fast the costumer service is perfect they help you with anything they are not confusing it’s a easy set up and it sounds great

  6. Adam Rogers (verified owner)

    Even though my Ecu had been previously messed with Mforce worked hard and was able to get it to work they dont give up on their customers!

  7. Keegan Jeffs (verified owner)

    Tune is perfect pops and bangs just above 3k rpm and flames at 5k rpm, customer service was great, they told me it could take 1-2 days for them to finish tuning the file for my car but it took less than 24 hours! Great company and came out perfect

  8. Brian C. (verified owner)

    I got the Pop and Bang tune on my IS250. Tuning process was very easy. The technician handled everything after I gave him control of my laptop. My daily drives are much more enjoyable. Car is quicker, and the pops are only when you accelerate past 3k RPM. Really Wish I had gotten the Flames tune though.

  9. Anthony Dorantes (verified owner)

    Great tune love it already

  10. robert k. (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Shipping was fast. I would definitely recommend people to them

  11. Edwin Z. (verified owner)

    Love the tune! so many compliments on how amazing and aggressive my car sounds and feels! 10/10

  12. Henry Deras (verified owner)

    Best tune for Lexus it sound amazing pops are really nice !!!

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful all the way around!

  14. Akash (verified owner)

    Great tune, they were very helpful and answered every question i had. They made install easy and simple and quick. Appreciate it!

  15. Ramon Nunez (verified owner)

    Very happy with the tune, perform really good🔥💪

  16. anthony.guilmette (verified owner)

    very good service I don’t speak English and they helped me for the process , the best I highly recommend it and i love so much my tune more torque!!

  17. Jesse Wamack (verified owner)

    Amazing tune! Easy to do and only took about 10 minutes across 2 days. Easy to follow along and really great team. Would recommend to anyone!

  18. Riley Thompson (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the sound it makes. As well as the performance gain.

  19. William (verified owner)

    Quick and good service, company staff replied quickly to my messages and were super friendly. Would definitely recommend to other people 🙂

  20. Alfredo Inton II (verified owner)

    Costumer service was so good! He explained it so well. The Shipping took about few days only. The set up and the installation was so easy and they have someone guiding you through it the whole way. The tune is better than i expected.

  21. Agciri M. (verified owner)

    Customer service was very good! He explained everything and was super easy and quick I love how the car feels and sounds (:

  22. Thomas G. (verified owner)

    sounds amazing, can feel the extra torque especially when pushing it to the new redline 7,200 and pops sound great

  23. Logan B. (verified owner)

    The tune done was spectacular. The shipping took about a month but that’s to be expected with these things. The setup and the installation was very easy and they had someone guiding you through it the whole way. I’ve had no lights or problems come up with the car since the tune. They did a great job!!

  24. Devonte W. (verified owner)

    The tune is better than what i expected and the service was great

  25. Dezan Hernandez (verified owner)

    The install went smoothly and were very helpful.

  26. Aaron S. (verified owner)

    I can definitely feel the difference, shifting is quicker and more torque. I don’t want the burble, they tune it on my request.

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