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M-Force Mazda Performance Suspension Spring Set

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M-Force Mazda Performance Suspension Spring

The spring suitable for daily use should take into account both handling and ride comfort, therefore, we decide to use dual pitch design on the M-Force Mazda performance spring. Compared with constant pitch spring, the dual pitch spring has higher requirements in manufacturing technology, it advances the physical support and at the same time it also guaranteed the ride comfort. M-Force Mazda performance spring not only greatly improve the driving experience by better handling, but also has better ride comfort than stock. M-Force Mazda performance spring use cold coil technology, which is directly wound by a CNC spring machine, which has better and precise control of the spring outer diameter, pitch, number of turns, and post-heat treatment and tempering process, also it is made up of alloy material having a tensile strength up to 2150/mpa, so it has better stability and is not easy to deform. M-Force Mazda performance spring have same or very close to stock height, it is a very good spring for those who do not want to lower the car or want to improve the driving experience with lower budget. It can be matched with stock shock absorber to achieve the balanced upgrading effect of handling and ride comfort. You can also use aftermarket shock absorber to further enhance the sense of movement. Fit: Mazda 3, Mazda 6. CX-4


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