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Mazda Coil Pack

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Mazda X SPE Performance Coil Pack

After using this product, when the engine is at low speed, the combustion speed of the mixture in the cylinder is accelerated, so that the torque output is significantly increased; while at high speed, due to the cylinder movement speed and the combustion chamber temperature to a certain extent, the increment is smaller than at the beginning, which you can see on the dyno graph.

On the left of the dyno graph is the engine torque curve, we can see that the torque increase in the low speed range is large, which effectively help for the low turning torque lost by this MX-5 due to the replacement of the straight pipe(no catalyst). When we do the road test, it can be clearly felt that the accelerates at the beginning and more powerful. Thanks to this coil pack, you don’t need to push hard to get more power, and under low-speed or low-load conditions, fuel consumption will be significantly reduced.

Mazda 3/6/CX-5/CX-4


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