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Mazda Performance Ignition Coil Pack

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M-Force X SPE Mazda Performance Ignition Coil Pack

The Mazda SPCCI system is able to control the spark plug ignition timing, so it requires the ignition coil and spark plug be well adapted to different working conditions. When we decide to make this ignition coil, we need to deal with the design, material, and the high requirement for the production process. Finally, we choose to work with Surpass Power, their ignition coil which has been designated supplies for CAMF since 2003.

The shell of ignition coil pack is made of modified Phenylene Sulfide material which has higher temperature resistance and molecular stability, guarantees its durability and electrical performance. After using this product, significantly improving the torque output and achieving its peak power at earlier time by the accelerated combustion speed of the gas mixture at low rpm; while at high rpm, the improvement is limited compared to that at low rpm because the speed of movement of cylinder and temperature of combustion chamber have reached a certain level. Please check to the following graph for dyno test results.

The engine torque curve on the left side of the dyno graph shows a large increase in torque at low engine rpm, effectively compensating for the loss of low engine speed torque due to full straight pipe on the MX-5. You can feel the car is more powerful in startup acceleration and hill climbing when driving on road. In daily use, there is no need to pull up the revs, and gently pressing the gas pedal will provide abundant torque. In addition, under low engine speed or low load, fuel consumption will be significantly reduced.

Q: Will it cause damage to vehicle parts?

A: No, and due to the improved cylinder combustion efficiency at rpm, it helps avoid carbon accumulation in cylinder; however, because of the improved ignition energy, it is recommended to replace the spark plugs every 40,000 km.

Q: Do I need to use it with the ECU tuning?

A: This product does not necessarily need to be used with the M-Force SkyActiv ECU tuning, however, the synergistic effect can be realized if used with it; for the customers who have already upgraded the ECU tuning do not need to fine-tune it after installing this product.

Q: What is the impact on fuel consumption?

A: Depending on different habits in the daily driving, the fuel consumption can be reduced after using this product.

Mazda 3/6/CX-5/CX-4


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