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Tuning Kit Deposit

USD $300.00

Out of stock



For customer outside of Toronto/ Remote tune

After you placed an order on our website, we will collect $300(extra) deposit before we ship the tuning kit to you, and you will need a Win 7/8/10 laptop in order to install the software. Once you received the tuning kit, contact our staff on Instagram and we will have assistant help you to setup. After you return the tuning kit, the $300 deposit will be refunded to you. Unfortunately we have no choice but raising up the deposit for speeding up the return process, thank you for your understanding.


4 reviews for Tuning Kit Deposit

  1. Darius (verified owner)

    This tune in every way was well worth the money. If you haven’t got the M-force tune… what are you waiting for?! Yes I was a little skeptical at first being that this was one of my first remote tunes… but trust me.. the customer service is absolutely phenomenal! Once the tuning kit was received, we set a time, and the customer service representative helped me in a nice orderly fashion. She even taught me how to drive my car all over again after the tune. “ well worth it”. Now as far as the performance goes. I have a k&n cold air intake, Invidia Mid pipes, cat delete, and muffler delete. All those things I just listed are very essential to the tune. DONT FORGET THAT. Especially cat delete. Now back to the scenario. Long story short. I love my tune. And I’m glad I got the base kit. Because I never want to go back. My power delivery is so different now. Once over 4500 rpm you really unleash the full performance of the tune, plus your other mods. It’s kindve really hard to explain; unless you have the tune for yourself. So I’ll ask once again… What are you waiting for? 2008 is350

  2. Jesse Wamack (verified owner)

    Amazing tune! Easy to do and only took about 10 minutes across 2 days. Easy to follow along and really great team. Would recommend to anyone!

  3. Eric (verified owner)

    you’re going to need this

  4. Tommy D. (verified owner)

    You’re going to need this one

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