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Our programmers have worked with the racing team of manufacturers for years, and thanks to investment of latest equipment and a good network of engineers who work for engine limit testing, our engineers are always able to provide you the high-quality custom tune.

Dynapack Dyno

We use the Dynapack hub dyno to develop tune, it allows the sensitivity to be greatly improved over traditional dynamometers, and it can reliably measure minute differences. Many world class OEM manufacturers use it to develop their products.

Licensed EVC WinOLS Tuner

WinOLS is the most professional software designed to modify the contents of ECU memory. Thanks to the powerful software, we can tune most of the cars over it.

Road Test

0-100km/h test, we use P-GEAR, a high-performance sports car test device, a mobile-based APP with real-time high-speed data exchange with a 20hz GPS device via Bluetooth 4.0 chip.


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Rev limiter

Speed limiter



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