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P-GEAR is a product specially for car enthusiasts which has integrated software and hardware. As a professional high-performance sports car test device, the core of P-GEAR is a mobile-based APP with real-time high-speed data exchange with a 20hz GPS device via Bluetooth 4.0 chip .


Nowadays, many people have superior performance sports cars, and there is an increasing demand for testing and analysis tools for drag race, track race, and trajectory analysis.

With nearly 4 years of R&D, Pgear Interactive Inc has launched the speed measurement analysis hardware P-GEAR based on the UBLOX8030 20HZ GPS module for the first time in both China and abroad, and an APP with online leaderboard, Challenge, Interactive functions as an online community gathering all car enthusiasts –Pgear.
Pgear supports Drag Race mode, Track Race mode, Custom mode, Drift mode and also have Game mode, Challenge mode, Video mode, bringing more fun for your driving career. With the app, you can check the real-time test data by your phone during the test.



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